Monday, 7 December 2009

Nightmare on swap street!!

Normally I am a reasonably organised person however I am afraid at the moment I am wondering if I am losing the plot altogether.

First of all I entrusted the posting of a very important package to my son, who did not listen to instructions and posted it without getting the stamps! I am praying it arrives safely and all I have to do is sent some euros to compensate for the post charges. I have to say,I am not feeling very confident there.

Next I am sure that I signed up for a Christmas ornament swap but I cant find any email with details of who I send to, or anywhere on another blog with a Christmas Ornament Swap - was I dreaming it all ??? If you are looking at my blog wondering why my Christmas ornament has not arrived - sorry. Let me know and I will post it. Failing that it will go onto my tree this year - if I ever get organised enough to put up my decorations!

Hugs to all....

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