Monday, 7 December 2009

Nightmare on swap street!!

Normally I am a reasonably organised person however I am afraid at the moment I am wondering if I am losing the plot altogether.

First of all I entrusted the posting of a very important package to my son, who did not listen to instructions and posted it without getting the stamps! I am praying it arrives safely and all I have to do is sent some euros to compensate for the post charges. I have to say,I am not feeling very confident there.

Next I am sure that I signed up for a Christmas ornament swap but I cant find any email with details of who I send to, or anywhere on another blog with a Christmas Ornament Swap - was I dreaming it all ??? If you are looking at my blog wondering why my Christmas ornament has not arrived - sorry. Let me know and I will post it. Failing that it will go onto my tree this year - if I ever get organised enough to put up my decorations!

Hugs to all....


  1. Dear Anne,
    Are you referring to the Christmas ornament swap hosted by Clare and myself.
    If so please email me, I'd love to help.
    Robyn xx

  2. You are definitely not losing it hihi! It is that time of the year we try to put 2 days into 1! Good luck on your swap!! It will probably turn out ok! Have a nice day! Hugs, XXXD

  3. thanks for stopping by my blog.
    official sign ups for the modern siggy swap will be on thursday.
    so stop back by my blog then.


  4. Hi, what a lovely idea, a Xmas swap in August! I am looking for inspiration for my new blog being new to creating and also to blogging. My site needs some help and it is lovely to see just what clever people can do in their spare time. PS The lovely Phoebe looks sad? Thanks for sharing.


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