Sunday, 18 March 2012

Sew, knit, spin garden or make stitchmarkers?

Well today is mothers day here in the UK. My 2 boys are away from home, one in Philly and one in Middlesborough . They are great boys but they have never really embraced the joy of Mothers Day! I did get phone calls which is just as good as flowers - yes?

Phoebe my lovely lab remembered and along with my darling hubby got me lovely flowers and a card. Andrew went away to climb some hills so I have had this weekend alone with Phoebe. Now then what shall I do? The sun came out in Dunoon so into the garden I go!

First of all the greenhouse needed some attention. After losing my original to high winds I now have a lovely smart new greenhouse. I planted some seeds and left them to do their thing, hopefully soon they will be lovely plants. A little more time in the garden tidying up then back inside.

I was torn between sewing, knitting and spinning or making some stitch markers. So much to do, just 2 days to do it..... I decided to make some stitch markers for a friends birthday and myself some earrings. I am looking forward to getting better at this one day :-).

Andrew back home now, a lovely Sunday meal and time to chat

So all in all a nice and self indulgent Mothers day for me. No flowers but 2 lovely phone calls and a day doing things that I love. Doesnt get any better really.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Well 2 years later....

It has been 2 years since I last blogged - so I guess I have lost my frequent blogging badge :-)

Time marches on and it is quite startling just how it flies!

I am browsing through the wonderful web for a while then sitting in front of the telly with my current knitting project - Cabled Capelet in Debbie Bliss Cashmarino. I am still sewing but that has taken a bit of a back seat just now I also have the spinning bug, of so much lovely fibery things to play with but not alot of time.

Hope you say hi,


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