Friday, 21 August 2009

The weekend is here!!!

I have been looking forward to the weekend, well basically since Monday. Now pelase don't think that I do not enjoy my work, generally I do, it is a great organisation that I work for but sometimes the niff naff and trivia just detracts from the general enjoyment......

Hopefully I can have a happy and productive weekend, there is afterall so many items that are clammering for attention. If it decides to rain this weekend which will not be that unlikely, I will be a bit more productive as my energies will not be torn between going and and staying in to sew.

My back is sore and my energy levels are low. Not sure that my production levels will be high after all.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Saturday, 15 August 2009

Texan cruisers and Australian Pipebands

Today I went to Glasgow to meet up with my son then to to see the World Piping Championships in Glasgow. Yesterday the weather was abysmal with rain etc etc and I was rather concerned that Glasgow green would not be the most comfortable place to be and be a bit more like Glasgow brown. The rain, however eased off this morning and by early afternoon the sun was out (with the wee ocasional shower but nothing serious). With our changeable weather, however, by the time we arrived at the ferry to go home, the wind was up and the rain was back on.

Now my journey up to Glasgow involves a ferry and then a train ride. On the train I met a lovely couple from Texas (Waco to be exact though I dont know if that is how you spell it). Anyway they came off a cruise ship at Greenock and decided to take the more interesting option and the train journey to Glasgow. I applaud them for that as they were working on a tightish time scale I believe that we see more when using public transport. They planned to take the tourist bus around Glasgow so they could see as much as possible before they had to come back. I hope they managed and got back to Greenock in time to catch thier cruise ship! I ended up giving them a hug in Glasgow central station and have thought about them alot since wishing them bon voyage. I hope they had a good sail out of the firth of Clyde (and past my house :-) ) as I often watch the cruise liners pass by. They were also looking for a castle. There is a castle on route but they were too late and I dont think you can actually see it from the train. They asked me if the purple flowers on the sidings were heather but I explained it was a weed (or a wildflower). I question myself whether I should have said it was heather. If anyone is reading this what is your opinion???

As i have already mentioned, we went to see the World pipe band championships at Glasgow. This was a good event and not too muddy underfoot. Amongst several Grade 1 bands (these are classed as the best pipebands) we watched and listened to an Australian pipe band which made me very nostalgic for the holiday my darling hubby and I had "down under" earlier this year. They apparently didn't win but I enjoyed them....

I also did a wee bit of shopping, getting some lovely Rowan wool to make a jumper for myself for Winter. It is georgeous wool and a lovely pattern amd I spent far too much!

Must go, dinner has arrived...

Sunday, 9 August 2009

From Regs to Riches

It is a sad'ish fact of life that there is just not enough time to do everything we would like, especially in the needlework department. With this in mind I wonder why I found more things to do.

Yesterday I took part if a workshop on rag rug making. This is a craft which I used to do with my mother when I was a child and I loved it then that is why I was keen to try it again. Luckilly one of the very few experts and teachers in the field lives here in Dunoon. Her name is Mary Dayton and she is a lovely lady. Anyway she has been hold some classes in Dunoon lately but for one reason and another I have not been able to go along. However yesterday I managed to and I had such a good time! As usual my enthusiasm was fired and I have added this craft to the list of things to do. I should have taken my camera to the class yesterday but forgot it and today the battery is flat so i need to charge it up then take a photo or two of what I produced yesterday. As usualy I have great plans and i would like to make a rag rug or two for the home somewhere. My only concerns with that is that my darling Phoebe whould just consider it another bed and as much as I love her she can be a little smelly and currently is shedding so much hair!!!!

Today the weather is sunny and it is not raining. This means I really need to go and tame the garden a bit. I live in such a lovely part of the world and I would love you all to see the view of the river Clyde i have just now and the lovely lillies I have growing in the pot on the decking.

I will post some photos whne I charge to camera up.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

So many quilters out there!

OK, I know this is nothing new but there are sooooo many quilters who are blogging out there. It is great to follow the threads of the quilters out there, or here in the blogging world. I am struggling to find the confidence to step out into this but hopefully I will write something of interest to somebody else :-)

I am kean to get to know some of you and hope that you will leave a comment (encouraging, hopefully). Anyway I am also really impressed with how the blogs look and I am chuffed with myself so far.

I am off to do some work, quilting of course.


Monday, 3 August 2009

Today's quilt

I worked well on the baby quilt for Tara's baby yesterday, with great plans on getting home after work and finishing it tonight. Phoebe had other plans and managed to take me out for a walk for an hour round her favourite haunt, we both needed a good walk but she could help with the dinner and ironing so I would have time to sew for a while.

There is far too much tempation here for me, I opened my blog to add a little more but got sidetraced with "PS I quilt" and am now interested in making the quilt I saw there...... Now as I am still waiting for fabric plus pattern to arrive from the States, I really should not be thinking of ordering more goodies! I will post pictures of the completed top of this quilt tomorrow as I hope to have at least that much done but could do with working on more of my WIPs.

I have to say it is not easy writing in a blog, what does one write?? I like the idea of sharing my mental ramblings with people but I am beginning to think that so are they are a bit boring. In March my darling Andrew and I went to Australia and New Zealand for a months holiday, a wonderful trip and I have finally got a card reader to download the pictures from Andrew's camera of this holiday. Mine were uploaded a couple of months ago. These photos are not the best of me (it was Andrew's camera so there were alot of me). I think I need to take my weight watchers programme a little more seriously.... There is a real need for me to sort out our photos as I cant find the ones I have of the qilts I have made but from now on I will be more organised with them.

Sunday, 2 August 2009


I would like to give blogging a try. There are some reallly good, and some not so good blogs out there so I hope that if you come across this blog in any of your ramblings through the www you will not be too disappointed.

The word "Quilt" is in the title as it was a place to start. When faced with a totally blank canvas of a blog page I thought I would be go down the route of quilting as there are so many friendly peole out there who quilt and people, like me, who wander through the magic garden on line to see what they can find and I hope that some will stop by and say hello.

My husband is at sea, my boys are at university and today I am playing on the laptop when I should really be 1) taking our lovely and loyal friend out for a walk and 2) working on a quilt I am making for a friends' baby who is due to arrive shortly.

With the later in mind I need to go now, especially as it is not raining at the moment (a pleasant change from the last few days) and I need the exercise as well as my dog.

I will put up some photos when I work out how. Please say hello if you read this, I would love to meet you.


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