Monday, 3 August 2009

Today's quilt

I worked well on the baby quilt for Tara's baby yesterday, with great plans on getting home after work and finishing it tonight. Phoebe had other plans and managed to take me out for a walk for an hour round her favourite haunt, we both needed a good walk but she could help with the dinner and ironing so I would have time to sew for a while.

There is far too much tempation here for me, I opened my blog to add a little more but got sidetraced with "PS I quilt" and am now interested in making the quilt I saw there...... Now as I am still waiting for fabric plus pattern to arrive from the States, I really should not be thinking of ordering more goodies! I will post pictures of the completed top of this quilt tomorrow as I hope to have at least that much done but could do with working on more of my WIPs.

I have to say it is not easy writing in a blog, what does one write?? I like the idea of sharing my mental ramblings with people but I am beginning to think that so are they are a bit boring. In March my darling Andrew and I went to Australia and New Zealand for a months holiday, a wonderful trip and I have finally got a card reader to download the pictures from Andrew's camera of this holiday. Mine were uploaded a couple of months ago. These photos are not the best of me (it was Andrew's camera so there were alot of me). I think I need to take my weight watchers programme a little more seriously.... There is a real need for me to sort out our photos as I cant find the ones I have of the qilts I have made but from now on I will be more organised with them.

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