Sunday, 2 August 2009


I would like to give blogging a try. There are some reallly good, and some not so good blogs out there so I hope that if you come across this blog in any of your ramblings through the www you will not be too disappointed.

The word "Quilt" is in the title as it was a place to start. When faced with a totally blank canvas of a blog page I thought I would be go down the route of quilting as there are so many friendly peole out there who quilt and people, like me, who wander through the magic garden on line to see what they can find and I hope that some will stop by and say hello.

My husband is at sea, my boys are at university and today I am playing on the laptop when I should really be 1) taking our lovely and loyal friend out for a walk and 2) working on a quilt I am making for a friends' baby who is due to arrive shortly.

With the later in mind I need to go now, especially as it is not raining at the moment (a pleasant change from the last few days) and I need the exercise as well as my dog.

I will put up some photos when I work out how. Please say hello if you read this, I would love to meet you.


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