Saturday, 15 August 2009

Texan cruisers and Australian Pipebands

Today I went to Glasgow to meet up with my son then to to see the World Piping Championships in Glasgow. Yesterday the weather was abysmal with rain etc etc and I was rather concerned that Glasgow green would not be the most comfortable place to be and be a bit more like Glasgow brown. The rain, however eased off this morning and by early afternoon the sun was out (with the wee ocasional shower but nothing serious). With our changeable weather, however, by the time we arrived at the ferry to go home, the wind was up and the rain was back on.

Now my journey up to Glasgow involves a ferry and then a train ride. On the train I met a lovely couple from Texas (Waco to be exact though I dont know if that is how you spell it). Anyway they came off a cruise ship at Greenock and decided to take the more interesting option and the train journey to Glasgow. I applaud them for that as they were working on a tightish time scale I believe that we see more when using public transport. They planned to take the tourist bus around Glasgow so they could see as much as possible before they had to come back. I hope they managed and got back to Greenock in time to catch thier cruise ship! I ended up giving them a hug in Glasgow central station and have thought about them alot since wishing them bon voyage. I hope they had a good sail out of the firth of Clyde (and past my house :-) ) as I often watch the cruise liners pass by. They were also looking for a castle. There is a castle on route but they were too late and I dont think you can actually see it from the train. They asked me if the purple flowers on the sidings were heather but I explained it was a weed (or a wildflower). I question myself whether I should have said it was heather. If anyone is reading this what is your opinion???

As i have already mentioned, we went to see the World pipe band championships at Glasgow. This was a good event and not too muddy underfoot. Amongst several Grade 1 bands (these are classed as the best pipebands) we watched and listened to an Australian pipe band which made me very nostalgic for the holiday my darling hubby and I had "down under" earlier this year. They apparently didn't win but I enjoyed them....

I also did a wee bit of shopping, getting some lovely Rowan wool to make a jumper for myself for Winter. It is georgeous wool and a lovely pattern amd I spent far too much!

Must go, dinner has arrived...


  1. Hi there! I found your blog on Facebook via Quilting Bloggers! You can let your son know that someone is reading your blog....LOL

    Glad to meet you!


  2. i found you the same way, so that makes two you can tell your son about!!
    i would have fibbed and told them it was heather, that wouldnt have known and they would have been happy to have seen "scottish heather" :o)

  3. Greetings from Northern Wisconsin, USA - found your blog through the Friendship Bag Swap we belong to...should be great fun! Welcome to quilting you, I am new to this whole thing as my first journal posting went out in February. Our son also got me started and has been very encouraging about doing this. I enjoy reading your entries and discovering that thousand's of miles may separate quilters, we all share a special bond with each other. Drop by for a visit when you have a moment.

  4. Hello from Gourock! lol The link in Ravelry is incorrect (and extra http) , but I got here anyway.


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