Friday, 21 August 2009

The weekend is here!!!

I have been looking forward to the weekend, well basically since Monday. Now pelase don't think that I do not enjoy my work, generally I do, it is a great organisation that I work for but sometimes the niff naff and trivia just detracts from the general enjoyment......

Hopefully I can have a happy and productive weekend, there is afterall so many items that are clammering for attention. If it decides to rain this weekend which will not be that unlikely, I will be a bit more productive as my energies will not be torn between going and and staying in to sew.

My back is sore and my energy levels are low. Not sure that my production levels will be high after all.

Have a great weekend everyone.



  1. Welcome to world of quilting bloggers. Tell you're boys that I enjoyed reading your blog very much
    Cheers Sue

  2. Looked for you at the games Mrs! Ive found a lovely lady who does rag rugs and made me determined to try again - argh how many years since I did this with my Nan??

    see ya next week hunny

    Opps its me darling Kerry


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