Sunday, 9 August 2009

From Regs to Riches

It is a sad'ish fact of life that there is just not enough time to do everything we would like, especially in the needlework department. With this in mind I wonder why I found more things to do.

Yesterday I took part if a workshop on rag rug making. This is a craft which I used to do with my mother when I was a child and I loved it then that is why I was keen to try it again. Luckilly one of the very few experts and teachers in the field lives here in Dunoon. Her name is Mary Dayton and she is a lovely lady. Anyway she has been hold some classes in Dunoon lately but for one reason and another I have not been able to go along. However yesterday I managed to and I had such a good time! As usual my enthusiasm was fired and I have added this craft to the list of things to do. I should have taken my camera to the class yesterday but forgot it and today the battery is flat so i need to charge it up then take a photo or two of what I produced yesterday. As usualy I have great plans and i would like to make a rag rug or two for the home somewhere. My only concerns with that is that my darling Phoebe whould just consider it another bed and as much as I love her she can be a little smelly and currently is shedding so much hair!!!!

Today the weather is sunny and it is not raining. This means I really need to go and tame the garden a bit. I live in such a lovely part of the world and I would love you all to see the view of the river Clyde i have just now and the lovely lillies I have growing in the pot on the decking.

I will post some photos whne I charge to camera up.

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