Sunday, 18 March 2012

Sew, knit, spin garden or make stitchmarkers?

Well today is mothers day here in the UK. My 2 boys are away from home, one in Philly and one in Middlesborough . They are great boys but they have never really embraced the joy of Mothers Day! I did get phone calls which is just as good as flowers - yes?

Phoebe my lovely lab remembered and along with my darling hubby got me lovely flowers and a card. Andrew went away to climb some hills so I have had this weekend alone with Phoebe. Now then what shall I do? The sun came out in Dunoon so into the garden I go!

First of all the greenhouse needed some attention. After losing my original to high winds I now have a lovely smart new greenhouse. I planted some seeds and left them to do their thing, hopefully soon they will be lovely plants. A little more time in the garden tidying up then back inside.

I was torn between sewing, knitting and spinning or making some stitch markers. So much to do, just 2 days to do it..... I decided to make some stitch markers for a friends birthday and myself some earrings. I am looking forward to getting better at this one day :-).

Andrew back home now, a lovely Sunday meal and time to chat

So all in all a nice and self indulgent Mothers day for me. No flowers but 2 lovely phone calls and a day doing things that I love. Doesnt get any better really.

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  1. And wonderful stitch markers they are too and much appreciated thanks, not using them yet as only project on the go doesnt need any but the next will so cant wait to use them... your mothers day sounds lovely and hope your wee seedlings love the spangley new greenhouse


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