Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The Chair of Contemplation

 Here I am again, home from work.  There is a lot to do around the house but I am not so enthusiastic about that.  Instead I want to start a quilting project. It could be a baby quilt or a wall hanging, the latter from from one of my Kaffe Fasset Books, Quilts in Sweden. I have the fabric ready to sort and cut.  The baby quilt is for one of the new arrivals surrounding me at the moment.

My mind is also wandering back to Auchindrain at the weekend which I thoroughly enjoyed.  I demonstrated blending of different fibres to spin and there is a rather nice mix of white and candy colours I am looking forward to see spun

Now all this heavy duty thinking is taking place while I am seating in my favourite chair, The 
Seat in question.  I look out at the view and ponder. 

Now then what to do?

1 comment:

  1. I choose quilting over housework any day :)
    You have a gorgeous view from your chair!!


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