Monday, 12 October 2009

Angel Swap

I tried to include this part in the original blog for today but could not upload more than one photo so they are going to be added separately.
This project is for the Angel Swap. I spent ages deciding what to make, on the them of Roses, Roses, Roses. Roses appear, aplenty and I also included some Harris Tweed, a real favourite of mine and something I hope will add a touch of the West Coast of Scotland for the recipient of this.

The final completed project I want to share with you today is Olivia's Quilt. Olivia is the new baby daughter of a friend of mine. Born a couple of weeks ago.

Well, as you can see, I have now managed more than one photo in a blog post... I should really edit the first one and join it all up but I would rather go sew.

Would love to hear from you via a comment.

Cheerio from Dunoon.


  1. Hi Anne, I came across your name in the Swablist at Daisy Quilts, saw "Scotland" and immediately my heart started pounding!! Read your blog and saw the pics! We went to Sc 2 years ago and visited St Abbs Head: amazing!!
    I will follow your blog and put you in my list of favorite blogs. Can't find your emailaddress? Have a nice day!! My blog is in Dutch but there is a translate button you can use.

  2. Hi Anne, saw your little note, can't find the problem. Pls try perhaps it works :) Otherwise pls email me on should you however get on my blog, you'll see we have Yvette instead of Phoebe:))) Hope to hear from you!!

  3. Baby Olivia must be sleeping in bliss - love the quilt for happy and so pretty. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Are you ok outthere?? Still hoping to hear from you. I have posted some pics of Scotland on my blog, do they look familiar :))
    have a nice day today! Hugs

  5. Hello to Scotland from Australia........Beautiful baby quilt! Your blog is lovely! I'm also learning about the photo business of the blog, but improving with every post!

    Happy sewing!!

  6. Sweet quilt for Olivia! And, someone is going to be very pleased with your Angel Swap projects. Beautiful fabric.

  7. Great to hear from you and know you're allright! Sorry for worrying! Too bad there is a lot of water between the girls otherwise Yvette would love to play with Phoebe :))) Have a nice weekend!


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